Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Navratri Recipes

Hey! I know it is late very late to post navratri recipes now.But want to share two new dishes I created this Navratri.I usually don't bother with too much cooking during fasting,usually raw food for me...but this time was really hubby, who has never fasted in life!!,also expressed his desire to fast during this auspicious time.His aim was to DETOX which we did .I will upload the detox cum navratri diet chart before the next navratri.

Navratri is the perfect time of the year to detox as the weather is about to change.You need to cleanse your body as per the season coming ahead to enjoy the nature's goodness showered during this particular time of the year---read groundnuts,chikkis & gajjaks,Alu-gobhi-mooli parathas(with dollops of butter..yummy),Pinnis ,Besan sheera for breakfast on chilly mornings....OK OK all this is not natural...but inpired by the season's bounty:-).

During the beginning and the end of the diet food tends to be slightly normalish so that the transition from diet food to normal food is smooth.During Navratri ,as per the notions one is supposed to have only one salted meal and that too without grainspulses--oinion-garlic etc etc.I came up with two phalahari(cereal free)complete Indian popular meals:

1.Malai Kofta with Sighara and Mooli Roti----Yes you read it right.Good old malai Kofta in navratri Fasting or should I say Feasting;-)
2. Kadhi Chawal.Yes I can't live without my weekly(Thursday)dose of Spicy Kadhi Pakora wiith hot fluffy rice.

This Time only later.Take Care

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